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Hi Everyone! Yesterday I got an order in from Sephora, you can view the whole haul here. One of the things I received from spending $25 was a mini Benefit Ultra Plush Lip Gloss in Dandelion.  I wanted to do a quick review of this for you so you can began to think about if you want to pick one up when they are official released.

Cost: $16

Where to Buy: Sephora, Sephora.com, Benefit.com, and anywhere they sell Benefit

Release Date: They will all be available of Sephora.com on June 20th and in stores by July.

So basically what these are is a series of 6 color lipglosses that match 6 of the Benefit Box powders. The packaging even matches the packaging of the box powders. The color names are dandelion, dallas, sugarbomb, CORALista, Bella bamba, and Hoola.

Here is what the Dandelion looks like in packaging and on my lips. First off I love the color of Dandelion. It is a very pretty soft pink with a slight shimmer to it. It comes in a squeeze tube and is .5 oz. As far as the taste and smell go it reminds me of fruit punch of all things. I have talked before about how I hate lip products and face products with bad tastes and smells. Why in the world would I want to put something on my face or lips that smells bad? The formula is extremely pigmented especially for a lipgloss. They are also non-sticky so for you people who hate sticky lipglosses check this out. When it comes to staying power, it will come off pretty quickly but that is to be expected with a lipgloss. I would recommend wearing this under a bright pink lipstick to give the color a bit extra glow. I am very impressed with this Lipgloss and I can’t want to go out and try the rest of them when they officially come out.

I hope you all found this review helpful. Please comment, follow, and like it, if you liked this post. If you have a request for a review for a product please let me know and I would love to do one.