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Hi Everyone, Yesterday I talked about how to receive a free Zoya nail polish and get free shipping if you buy two more. If you want more information on that, just click here. Now that you have the free polish, you have to pick what colors you want. Well here is my top 7 favorite Zoya polishes.

Suri: I am actually wearing Suri right now. She is a dark purple almost black with a very pretty shine. I was shocked that I only needed two coats of this, which is great because I hate feeling like I am wasting polish by applying lots of coats.

Barbie: Barbie is a baby pink with lots of shimmer. This is a very girly shade and I think it looks very pretty over matte white polish.

Song: Song is a beautiful metallic dark blue. I am a huge fan of blue polishes but Song is like nothing else I known. This is a great fall color as well!

 Alegra: Alegra is a fuchsia pink with lots of sparkle. Zoya has great sparkle polishes!

Kissy: Kissy is very similar to Alegra, but Kissy is more holographic and it has bar shaped glitters. I don’t actually own Kissy yet, but I can’t wait to purchase her in my next Zoya order.

Feifei: Feifei is a steel blue base with heavy gold, blue, and pink metallic sparkle. I had heard so much from all my nail polish friends about Feifei so I was so excited to try her out for myself. Feifei is another great fall color to check out.

Aurora: Aurora is a holographic glitter plum color. Aurora is a part of their Winter collection titled Ornate Colors. I do not own Aurora yet because she is only available for pre-order but as soon as she is released I am going to order her!

What are your favorite Zoya colors? Let me know in the comments below.