October Julep Maven Box


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Hello Everyone, Can you believe it is already October? It seems like this year has just flied by and is now almost over. That being said I received my Julep Maven box for the month of October. Julep’s theme this month was crackles which I wasn’t very impressed with to be honest. OPI and just about every other brand has done crackles and they are all now sitting in Ulta’s clearance bins lol. Never the less, I was excited about Julep’s drying drops and the other pretty polish that came in the box plus I love the extras julep sent! Lets go ahead and I will show you what I received this month.

Keira: (Deep Merlot red crème) I really don’t have any dark reds like this one so I am excited to add it to my collection. It looks like it would be a nice fall and maybe winter pedi color.

Ursula: (Blackest black crème crackle) I have silver crackle but I don’t have any black so this is a good addition to my collection. I don’t normally wear crackles but maybe once and awhile I will put this to use.

Julep Quick Dry Polish Drops: I have used drying drops before, but again I am excited to try this out. They are supposed to leave your manicure smudge-free much sooner. I am going to try next week to do a review/ test of them to see how well they hold up compared to nothing at all.

Black and Orange Glitter: As a little extra Julep sent a little tin of black and a little tin of orange nail glitter. I am already planning a cute Halloween look with them for the end of the month so stay tuned for that!

They also sent a mini bag of candy corn but those were eaten the moment the box was opened haha.

You would want to more information on what Julep is or how to sign up for only a penny click here!

USA Mani Monday


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Hello Everyone! My Mani of this Monday is USA themed because today was my first day of my Spirit Week and it was USA day, so of course my mani had to match. This was very easy to do. All I did was alternate red and blue then used a Nail Art Brush to write USA on my middle fingers.

China Glaze Splish Splash, OPI The Color of Minnie, and Art Club White

Mani View #1

Mani View #2

I hope you all enjoyed this mani and keep it in mind for the next 4th of July!

Top 7 Favorite Zoya Polishes


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Hi Everyone, Yesterday I talked about how to receive a free Zoya nail polish and get free shipping if you buy two more. If you want more information on that, just click here. Now that you have the free polish, you have to pick what colors you want. Well here is my top 7 favorite Zoya polishes.

Suri: I am actually wearing Suri right now. She is a dark purple almost black with a very pretty shine. I was shocked that I only needed two coats of this, which is great because I hate feeling like I am wasting polish by applying lots of coats.

Barbie: Barbie is a baby pink with lots of shimmer. This is a very girly shade and I think it looks very pretty over matte white polish.

Song: Song is a beautiful metallic dark blue. I am a huge fan of blue polishes but Song is like nothing else I known. This is a great fall color as well!

 Alegra: Alegra is a fuchsia pink with lots of sparkle. Zoya has great sparkle polishes!

Kissy: Kissy is very similar to Alegra, but Kissy is more holographic and it has bar shaped glitters. I don’t actually own Kissy yet, but I can’t wait to purchase her in my next Zoya order.

Feifei: Feifei is a steel blue base with heavy gold, blue, and pink metallic sparkle. I had heard so much from all my nail polish friends about Feifei so I was so excited to try her out for myself. Feifei is another great fall color to check out.

Aurora: Aurora is a holographic glitter plum color. Aurora is a part of their Winter collection titled Ornate Colors. I do not own Aurora yet because she is only available for pre-order but as soon as she is released I am going to order her!

What are your favorite Zoya colors? Let me know in the comments below.

Beauty Websites You Should Join- Zoya


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Hello Everyone, Sorry I haven’t been posting much the last week. I have a horrible cold and I can’t think straight right now. I wanted to share with you my third beauty website that you should join, Zoya.com. Zoya is a nail polish brand that has very high quality nail polishes as well as nail products. Their website is even more amazing because it offers easy ways to receive free polishes as well as discounts and free shipping. First you have to sign up for an account. To do that just click this link and find the create an account button at the top of the page. From there, just fill out your information and viola you have a Zoya account. Now, What do you do with that account? Once you have an account you will receive emails with discount offers and access to “Share the Love” points. Share the Love points are gained when you see something you link on their website or a promotion they are offering and you send the link to your friends and they buy the product.

 For example say you see their new Gilty Real 18k Gold Trio Gift Box and love it like I do! You buy one, gaining you points and you want to share it with your friends because Hello they want the trio too. To share it with your friends you sign into your account, go to the products page, and click the “Create A Share The Love Link” which is found under the description and a custom code should appear. Then you can copy and paste that code anywhere, on your blog, twitter, facebook, email, anywhere you can think of. My custom code for the 18K Real Gold Nail Polish Gift Box trio is https://www.artofbeauty.com/rd/01488523 so I would love if any of you who want to buy it use my code. Once you share your code, you will get points when the following happens 1. A person who clicks the link creates an online account 2. That person places an order, and 3. that order ships. You will get 100 points for this and the points can be redeemed for coupon codes and gifts.

Another plus to joining is that by just signing up you get a free bottle of polish and if you place order and add two other polishes to your free one you get free shipping as well.

Zoya is a great brand and tomorrow I will do a post of my favorite polishes from them so that you can get some ideas for what to pick as your free polish! As always let me know if you have any questions. I know I throw a lot of information out in this posts and it can be confusing.

Nail Polish Swap with Gina


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Hello Everyone! Last month I joined a great nail polish swap hosted by Angela from Hairspray and High Heels and Meghan from Shine On. I was very excited to join and I was paired with a great lady named Gina from Rambles By Gina. We sent each other 3 polishes all from China Glaze since we both love China Glaze polishes. 








Gina was kind enough to send me China Glaze’s Strawberry Fields, For Audrey, and Luminous Lavender! I love all of the colors and I am wearing Strawberry Fields on my toes right now and It looks beautiful. Thank you again for the polishes Gina! I hope you like what I sent you too.


Beauty Websites You Should Join- Klout


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Hello Everyone, Today I have the second day of my beauty websites I think you should join. I have picked 7 of my favorite websites that offer beauty deals or freebies to help you all get more for your money. Today I am going to introduce you to Klout. Klout is a little different because with Klout you create an account and connect it to all of your social networking sites like facebook, twitter, Google, ect. From there the website takes how many facebook likes you have, how many times you are mentioned on twitter, how many followers you have, anything you can do on these websites it measures. Based on all of this, Klout gives you a score of how influential you are. That score can go up and down everyday based on if you connect with more or less people. You can also raise your score by receiving K’s in certain topics. I would recommend setting your influential topics as beauty, nail polish, and style so that you can have people send you K’s in that area. These K’s are important because you can get perks based on how many you have. For example last week they released a free Essie nail polish from the newest collection for anyone who had over a 42 in the beauty category. They offer Essie about every 3 months and have other brands as well from time to time. By building your score and Ks you improve your chances of getting a perk. This Essie release will be the first time mine has been high enough so I can’t wait to receive my free polish in a few weeks.

Sounds like something you want to sign up for? Visit Klout.com and start connecting it to your social networking sites. Once you are set up visit my page and send me a K. It will let me know when you send me one so I can send one back. Then come back to this post and leave your Klout page link so everyone else can send you K’s and you can send them some. Klout is very hard to explain so if you have questions let me know below, tweet me @KatherineDalla2, or shoot me an email sparklegirlslife@gmail.com

Mani Monday: Blue with Silver Accent


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Hello Nail Lovers, Unfortunately it is Monday already. I know it is very depressing but it has to come once a week lol. On the brighter side it means it is time for Mani Monday. Again, I have a very simple look this week. I actually did this on Saturday for a party I went to on Saturday night. All I did was take China Glaze’s Blue Years Eve and China Glaze’s Icicle on my right finger. I love how icicle is a silver with glitter.

Beauty Websites You Should Join- Coterie


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Hello Everyone, Today marks the first day of my 7 days of beauty websites you should sign up for. I have tired so many different beauty websites that offer you deals, free products, ect and I try to post them all for you but I have been very bad about it lately. I have 7 I want to show you all but these posts take a long time so I might not do them every single day but I promise within two weeks all 7 will be posted. I want to kick off with a brand new website that has flash sales. This website is called Coterie and doesn’t officially launch until September 27th, 2012 but they already have a great Butter London sale and I have the codes for you all to join before the official launch.

There will be more sales when they officially launch, but right now they have a sale where you can pick 3 from a list of 6 Butter Londons and you also get a matte finish or a hardwear top coat for only $36! Buttttttt, if you join with the codes I have below you will get a $25 credit towards your first purchase making your three Butter Londons and topcoat $11! That is crazy considering one Butter London costs $14.

Now onto the details of how to sign up early and get the $25 credit. Visit Coterie.com to sign up. Once you have entered your email address to join you can visit this website then fill out your information using the access code OBSESSED-VIP and use promo code VIPMEMBER at check-out to get the $25 credit.

Coterie will have a lot of great features once it launches. You get $20 for every six people you refer and free shipping for life when you refer 30 people. There is tons of great beauty advice and how to’s on the site. One of my favorite features is that you can star your favorite sales so that you  will receive an email when that sale or a similar sale is back to the website so that you know right away.

Visit Coterie and tell me what you all think about it! I can’t wait to its official launch to see all of the great sales they will have.

September Birchbox


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Hello Everyone, I am a little late on the Birchbox because I only got it three days ago. If you don’t know what Birchbox is, it is a monthly subscription program where you receive deluxe size samples every month for $10. You can join or find out more information here.  I am not sure about this box. It has 6 items but two are Birchbox extras. The theme this month is Fashion week and it includes a book of 10 fall trends. I actually really liked the fall trends and I look forward to trying some of them. Since there is so many things I will go ahead and get started.

21 drops Focus Aromatherpy Blend (Full Size $29, Sample Worth $7.20): There are essential oils that are designed to clear your mind and help you focus better. It has a very nice peppermint smell to it. You just roll it on your wrists and take a deep breathe. I really like this and I am going to keep it in my purse for whenever I need a pick me up.

Color Club Birchbox Custom Polish in Status Update (Full Size $8, Sample Worth $4): Birchbox worked with Color Club to come up with 3 fall colors named after Social media. I love this gray color and I don’t have many grey polishes so this will come to use a lot this fall.

Kate Spade New York Twirl (Full Size $18-$80, Sample Worth $11.75): I have tried Twirl many times and I think it smells amazing. I don’t normally like getting perfume but I am happy when I get delicious scents I will use.

Twistband Hair Tie (Set of 12 $18, Sample Worth $1.50): These are snag-free elastics and I have heard a lot of things about them but I don’t put my hair in a ponytail very often so I am not sure how much I will use this but is still fun to try new beauty things and plus I am really obsessed with this gray color.

WEI to go Sleep Over It (Full Sized $19, Sample Worth $3): This is a set of 3 samples two of which are Real Clean Gelled Oil Cleanser and one is a Ideal Skin Perfect finish. These are a set of products that are suppose to wash away dirt and then perfect your skin with the moisturizing face tint. I am looking forward to trying these since I have never used them before.

Tili Bag (Full Sized $19, Sample Worth $1.40): These are just plastic bags that are decorated. These are good for keep your makeup in your purse so that when you travel it is already in a plastic bag. I would never spend my money on something like this but I will use it.

Box total=$21.65

What did you get in your Birchbox this month? Let me know in the comments below.

Fall Bath and Body Works Candles


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Hi Guys, I was walking past the bath and body works store in the mall yesterday when the sweet smell of fall pulled me in. As much as I don’t want it, fall is coming. I decided to give in and check out their fall candles and I was very impressed with this year’s fall line. I believe there are 15 different scents in the collection. Right now in stores and on-line bath and body works is offering their 4 oz. candles for 2 for $10 So basically you are getting one free. I decided to get 2 of the 4 oz in Pumpkin Cupcake and Farmstand Apple. Both of these smell amazing and I can’t wait to light them in my room.

 Pumpkin Cupcake: I have no idea how to even begin describing this candle. I pick up a little pumpkin but what I really smell are fall spices like ginger. I also get some sweet smells like butter cream.

FarmStand Apple: This is just your typical apple smell that never gets old. The apples smell so crisp and fresh, I just want to eat the candle lol.

The other candles in this collection are Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin, Leaves, Cider Lane, Fresh Balsam, Marshmallow Fireside, Autumn, Apple Crumble, Pumpkin Carmel Latte, Spiced Cider, Cinnamon Nut Bread, Salted Carmel, Cinnamon Sugared Donut, and Autumn Day