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Hello Everyone, Today I have the second day of my beauty websites I think you should join. I have picked 7 of my favorite websites that offer beauty deals or freebies to help you all get more for your money. Today I am going to introduce you to Klout. Klout is a little different because with Klout you create an account and connect it to all of your social networking sites like facebook, twitter, Google, ect. From there the website takes how many facebook likes you have, how many times you are mentioned on twitter, how many followers you have, anything you can do on these websites it measures. Based on all of this, Klout gives you a score of how influential you are. That score can go up and down everyday based on if you connect with more or less people. You can also raise your score by receiving K’s in certain topics. I would recommend setting your influential topics as beauty, nail polish, and style so that you can have people send you K’s in that area. These K’s are important because you can get perks based on how many you have. For example last week they released a free Essie nail polish from the newest collection for anyone who had over a 42 in the beauty category. They offer Essie about every 3 months and have other brands as well from time to time. By building your score and Ks you improve your chances of getting a perk. This Essie release will be the first time mine has been high enough so I can’t wait to receive my free polish in a few weeks.

Sounds like something you want to sign up for? Visit Klout.com and start connecting it to your social networking sites. Once you are set up visit my page and send me a K. It will let me know when you send me one so I can send one back. Then come back to this post and leave your Klout page link so everyone else can send you K’s and you can send them some. Klout is very hard to explain so if you have questions let me know below, tweet me @KatherineDalla2, or shoot me an email sparklegirlslife@gmail.com