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Hello Everyone, Today marks the first day of my 7 days of beauty websites you should sign up for. I have tired so many different beauty websites that offer you deals, free products, ect and I try to post them all for you but I have been very bad about it lately. I have 7 I want to show you all but these posts take a long time so I might not do them every single day but I promise within two weeks all 7 will be posted. I want to kick off with a brand new website that has flash sales. This website is called Coterie and doesn’t officially launch until September 27th, 2012 but they already have a great Butter London sale and I have the codes for you all to join before the official launch.

There will be more sales when they officially launch, but right now they have a sale where you can pick 3 from a list of 6 Butter Londons and you also get a matte finish or a hardwear top coat for only $36! Buttttttt, if you join with the codes I have below you will get a $25 credit towards your first purchase making your three Butter Londons and topcoat $11! That is crazy considering one Butter London costs $14.

Now onto the details of how to sign up early and get the $25 credit. Visit Coterie.com to sign up. Once you have entered your email address to join you can visit this website then fill out your information using the access code OBSESSED-VIP and use promo code VIPMEMBER at check-out to get the $25 credit.

Coterie will have a lot of great features once it launches. You get $20 for every six people you refer and free shipping for life when you refer 30 people. There is tons of great beauty advice and how to’s on the site. One of my favorite features is that you can star your favorite sales so that you  will receive an email when that sale or a similar sale is back to the website so that you know right away.

Visit Coterie and tell me what you all think about it! I can’t wait to its official launch to see all of the great sales they will have.