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Hi Guys, I was walking past the bath and body works store in the mall yesterday when the sweet smell of fall pulled me in. As much as I don’t want it, fall is coming. I decided to give in and check out their fall candles and I was very impressed with this year’s fall line. I believe there are 15 different scents in the collection. Right now in stores and on-line bath and body works is offering their 4 oz. candles for 2 for $10 So basically you are getting one free. I decided to get 2 of the 4 oz in Pumpkin Cupcake and Farmstand Apple. Both of these smell amazing and I can’t wait to light them in my room.

 Pumpkin Cupcake: I have no idea how to even begin describing this candle. I pick up a little pumpkin but what I really smell are fall spices like ginger. I also get some sweet smells like butter cream.

FarmStand Apple: This is just your typical apple smell that never gets old. The apples smell so crisp and fresh, I just want to eat the candle lol.

The other candles in this collection are Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin, Leaves, Cider Lane, Fresh Balsam, Marshmallow Fireside, Autumn, Apple Crumble, Pumpkin Carmel Latte, Spiced Cider, Cinnamon Nut Bread, Salted Carmel, Cinnamon Sugared Donut, and Autumn Day