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Well Everyone, Guess What?? It is time for the September WordPress Beauty Blogger Blog Hop Blog List!! I want to thank everyone so much for joining. I love hosting these in order to find lots new blogs, facebooks, and twitters to follow. Please go check out all of these amazing blogs and follow them, I am sure they will follow back. Thank you all again so much for joining, It really means a lot to me to see so many beauty bloggers coming together to support one-another. Sign ups for the October Blog Hop will happen on Sunday September 30th! Also I will be hosting a Halloween/Fall Giveaway towards the end of October so be sure to stop back for that! Blogs are in order of when they were submitted. As always I know there is a lot of blogs here so check out a few then come back and check out some more. The list isn’t going anywhere so check back often when your in the mood for a good read.

Beauty Fiends: Blog, Twitter, and Facebook

Product Hoochie: Blog, Twitter, and Facebook

Harajuku Girl FL Beauty: Blog, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram @flgrrrl

Beautiful Kayekie: Blog, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram @beautifulKkie

Two Lacquered Girls: Blog, Facebook, and Instagram @meganfromtlg

The Musings of a Skin Care Fanatic: Blog

Work/Play/Polish: Blog, Twitter, and Facebook 

Makeup Society: Blog and Twitter

Polish Groupie: Blog, Twitter, and Facebook

Not Quite Carrie: Blog and Twitter

About the Pout: Blog and Twitter

Nooneys Nails: Blog 

My Beauty Addictions: Blog

Patent Purple Life: Blog and Twitter

Dashing & Darling: Blog, Twitter, and Facebook

Peach Milky Tea: Blog

Polish Alcoholic: Blog

Always Sunny In June: Blog

Lipstick and Love: Blog, Twitter, and Instagram @Rebecca__Bee

GlammyBaby92: Blog and Twitter

Beauty Expressions By Lushessa: Blog and Twitter

Skaytanik Polishes: Blog, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram

Kelloves: Blog and Twitter

Arabella: Blog

Miss Jenny Lee: Blog and Twitter

Noelene: Blog, Twitter, and Instagram @AliciaHng

Emuleh Parker: Blog, Twitter, and Facebook

Simply Evani: Blog, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram

Little Miss Lady Bella: Blog 

Product Reviews By Deb: Blog

Thank you so much again and if any of the links do not work please let me know in the comments below.

Sorry about all of the link problems and thank you to everyone who pointed them out. There was a problem with some not having a http:// in the link but they should all be fixed now.