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Hey Everyone! Today I want to tell you all about Julep’s Maven Program and how you can sign up for only 1 cent!! That is right just $.01 will be billed to your account for the first month. Anyway, I have talked about Julep’s Maven Program before in my Beauty Box Subscription Programs post. Julep’s Maven Program is a nail polish subscription program where you pay $19.99 a month and normally receive two nail polishes and an extra like a pedicure crème. Julep Maven claims that their boxes contain at least $40 worth of hand-picked products. Their nail polishes retail for $14 so two polishes alone would be $28 and your only paying $20. Julep also offers a lot of perks for their Mavens. You receive 20% off all products plus free shipping in their online shop. You can order any of the past boxes you didn’t receive. You can opt OUT of any month you want without having to pay. That’s right, if you decide you do not want your box on month you don’t have to. You can send your monthly box to a girlfriend instead of yourself. They make a great gift for your nail polishing loving friend. They will also send special offers and bonuses to their Maven’s all year round. For example every few months they send an offer for a $20 mystery box that can contain anywhere from $60 worth of nail polish to their entire collection. Another example is in July they send a special America polish to their US Mavens. Another thing I love about the Julep Maven Program is that they don’t have a waiting list like a lot of other programs have.









To get started as a Maven for only a $0.01 all you have to do is click this link and take their style profile test. This will determine which of their 5 style profiles you are. Your style profile determines which box and polish colors you will receive. I am Classic with a Twist so the box pictured above is what I will be receiving this month. You can change your style profile at any time. After you take the style profile test and like what profile you are you just click sign up. During check out when it asks for a promo code if you type in COLOR2012 you will be able to receive you first box for $0.01. This is an INCREDIABLE deal that I recommend everyone takes advantage of. Once your first month is over you can continue to your second month by paying the $20 or if you didn’t like the program you can cancel only having to pay a CENT for $40 worth of products!

Thank you all so much for reading. I really hope you take up this offer and try them out. Please comment, like, and follow me. You can contact me anytime by emailing me at sparklegirlslife@gmail.com, twitting me @KatherineDalla2, or friending me on facebook.