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My Julep Box is Here! My Julep Box is Here! My Julep Box is Here! As you can see I am pretty excited that my box came today. The box itself seemed smaller then normal but that might just be because last month was an extra large box. This month’s theme was Tina Turk. Yep that’s right, Tina Turk teamed up with Julep to create a ling based on her 2013 clothing line. I would also like to share with you something different that Julep did this month. They offered all of their Mavens to upgrade their boxes for an extra $30 making your box $50 and with that upgrade you get all of the colors that month. This is a create idea when you like all of the colors. I passed on the upgrade this month since only 3 colors appealed to me but hopefully they will keep this and I can use it in a few months. The style I picked this month was American Beauty.

Eileen: I only have one white nail polish and I have been looking for another so I was very happy to see Eileen this month. Eileen is an antique bright white crème. I was very impressed with how little coats it needed as well. My friends used it for a French manicure today and it looked great.

Hoch: Hoch is a mod emerald green crème. I don’t own any green nail polishes and I really liked how this color looked on the computer. It isn’t as pretty in person and rather streaky. I am still happy with Hoch though and I am wearing her right now.

Volumizing Mascara: This is the second makeup product Julep has come out with (this and the lipglosses). I was not around in the lip gloss days so I have never tried them but I wasn’t impressed with this mascara. It may be because I already have a mascara but I am not a fan of this. It doesn’t do much for my eyes and the bristles are falling off into the mascara.

Have you gotten your September box yet? If so I want to see photos and what you think about this months colors and the mascara.