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Hello Everyone! I am so excited to present with you the WordPress Only Beauty Blogger Blog Hop Blog List! We had over 60 blogs join. Due to the overwhelming about of responses I have decided to host a blog hop every month so be checking for a September one in the coming weeks. Here are all of the blogs. Please go check out these blogs, comment, like and follow them. Even if you don’t have time to visit all 60 check out 5 today and come back tomorrow for some more. This post isn’t going anywhere so you’re welcome to come back to it anytime. Let me know if there is any problems with the links, suggestions you have for September, and which blogs you visit in the comments below.

Curls and Clothes: Blog

Forty, Flirty, and Fabulous: Blog and Twitter

Glammybaby92: Blog

Wickednails: Blog, Instagram @wickednails, and youtube

Bridgett’s Beauty Blog: Blog and Facebook

Lazy Girl Beauty: Blog

Every Sensory: Blog

Lacquer Luv: Blog and Twitter

Harajuku Girl FL: Blog, Twitter, and Facebook

Powder and Curls: Blog and Facebook

Beauty Product Reviews By Deb: Blog and Twitter

Peach Milky Tea: Blog and Facebook

Sugar to Glitter: Blog

Beauty Blogger 93: Blog

Beautiful Kayekie: Blog, Twitter, and Facebook

The Beauty Holder: Blog

Skin and Beauty: Blog

NonFashionista: Blog

Two Lacquered Girls: Blog

Nooney’s Nails: Blog

About the Pout: Blog and Twitter

Move Over, Generation Next: Blog

My Life is Fabuliz: Blog

Peace, Love and Glitter: Blog, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google +, Bloglovin, and Hellocotton

The Thirteen Roses: Blog

Lipstick and Love: Blog and Twitter

Always Sunny In June: Blog and Pinterest

Simple Beauty Blog: Blog and Twitter

Thrifty Chic and Beauty Tips: Blog and Facebook

All Things Girl Related: Blog

Dusted Not Busted: Blog and Twitter

Best Stuff I Know About: Blog

Dashing and Darling: Blog

All Things Beauty-Ful: Blog

Barielexa: Blog, Pinterest, Polyvore, Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook

CaffeineFrenzy: Blog

Beauty Bloggerette: Blog and Twitter

Bombshell Bible: Blog

Glitter n’ Grime: Blog

Dressed In Pixie Dust: Blog

Lacquer Land: Blog

A Little Bit of Pretty: Blog and Twitter

Not Messy: Blog and Facebook

Pretty Little Pink Things: Blog

The Basis NYC: Blog and Twitter

Got Peroxide: Blog

A Lady Always Does: Blog

Fabuliz Beauty: Blog

Ianabantug: Blog

My Beauty Addictions: Blog

Bunny Approved Beauty: Blog

Fit Chick Beauty Tips: Blog

The Makeup Honey: Blog

Things My Mother Never Taught Me: Blog and Facebook

The Beauty Spell: Blog

Beauty Geek Blog: Blog

La Dolce Vita Forevermore: Blog

Lipstick Lexie: Blog

For the Love of Gloss: Blog and Twitter

I ❤ Makeup Art: Blog, Twitter, and Facebook

Fashion and Beauty 4 Now: Blog

Lips, Hips, and Fashion Tips: Blog

Poor Girl Fashionista: Blog, Facebook, and Twitter

Lovely Beauty Tips: Blog, Facebook, and Twitter

Thank you all again for participating I had found some great blogs through this and I am following each and everyone one of your blogs! I also have a giveaway going on to win a Julep Maven box so please be sure to enter that after you have looked at some blogs.