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Hello fellow nail polish lovers, I returned yesterday from one of the craziest trips of my life and sitting on my bed was my Julep August Box. In case you do not know what Julep is, it is a monthly subscription program where you get Julep nail polishes and you can find out more information and how to get your first month for a penny here! The theme to this month was metallic and chrome. This month I chose the “It-Girl” box and I got the their nail polish remover as an add on. The it-girl box comes with three nail polishes where-as the other boxes come with two and their product extra, which this month was their nail polish remover. This month was Juleps one-year anniversary so they also added a re-useable bag that is very cute. On to what is in my box this month!

Harley: Harley is a liquid silver metallic chrome, that I totally love. I have been really into silver nail polishes and I am planning on painting my nails with this later today.

Sienna: Sienna is a sophisticated gold metallic with shimmer. I was very surprised at how much I really liked this color on my nails.

Melanie: I think Melanie was the reason I bought this box. It is a pastel indigo metallic chrome nail polish. I have way too many blue nail polishes but I was drawn to this because it was metallic and darker then the other blues that I have.

Nail Polish Remover: Their nail polish remover is acetone-free, conditioning, and is in a pump-action bottle, which is super easy to use. I have been looking for a good nail polish remover so hopefully I have found the one. I am going to be doing a nail of the day later today that will be up in a few days so I will let you know in that post what I think of the remover after I try it.

Well that is it for my Julep August Box! Comment below with which box you got this month. I also want to throw out there that I am going to be doing a giveaway involving Julep once I have 100 followers so if you are not already following, please do so that you can be involved in the giveaway. You can contact me anytime by emailing me at sparklegirlslife@gmail.org or tweet me @KatherineDalla2.