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Hey Guys, Today I bring you my top 6 current obsessions. This is pretty self-explanatory. These are just 6 random things I have been obsessed with lately.

  1. Gray Shirts: I don’t think I have ever owned a gray shirt until recently. I bought one and just never took it off so I picked up 4 more different ones. I have a Victoria Secret, Target, Ralph Lauren, and Holister one. I just feel like gray goes with anything and I have just been obsessed with it.
  2. Skinny Pop Popcorn: My best friend turned me on to this stuff called Skinny Pop Popcorn which comes in a large bag and it has no artificial anything, zero trans fat, cholesterol free, and only has 39 calories per cup. It also is gluten free. This is a great snack to fill you up with little calories and I eat it everyday for an afternoon snack.
  3. Blow Me (One Last Kiss) by Pink: I am in love with this song. I have it playing on repeat on my I-tunes. It is all about taking all you can take and finally breaking up with someone after countless fights. Something about the words and the way Pink sings that just draws me to this song. If you have not heard this song you must listen here.
  4. Julep Nail Polishes: I have just been gaga about Julep Nail Polishes. I have 5 of them and I am of course a Maven. I am currently wearing Rose and I am going to be doing a NOTD with it tomorrow. I have tons of posts on Julep Nail polishes so if you want more info just type in Julep in the search bar to your right.
  5. Re-sale Shops: I volunteer at a Re-Sale shop and lately I have been buying so much while I am there. They have so many brands I normally buy and I can buy shirts I would normally spend $25 for $4. Most of them are such great quality that I just wash them and they are as good as new. Re-sale shops are a great place to pick up cute stuff at great prices.
  6. Air Conditioning: The heat where I life as been at record setting highs the last two months and it is too hot for me to even go outside. I have been staying in my house with the air conditioning on high. I am so lucky to have a nice place to cool down.

What are your current obsessions? Let me know in the comments below. You can get ahold of me anytime by emailing me at sparklegirlslife@gmail.com or tweet me @KatherineDalla2.