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Hello All, Now that it is August it is time for a lot of people to go back to school. I just wanted to do a few posts regarding back to school. Today I wanted to show you all what I keep in my school makeup bag.

Bag: The bag I use is a Vera Bradley makeup bag. If you do not know what Vera Bradley is I would check out the link. They have a lot of different patterns and make tote bags, makeup bags, bedding, pencils; I mean anything you can think of. Their stuff is very high quality too. I use their tote bags all the time and I have like 6 of their makeup bags. I love this pattern since it reminds me of the ocean.

Lotion: I always carry lotion since my skin gets very dry. Through out the day I moisturizes especially in the winter. I just carry a travel size Bath and Body Works lotion in Sweet Pea.

Fragrance: Keeping a nice fresh fragrance is important for me since I have a slight obsession with smelling good. Right now I have a Coach Poppy Rollerball but I change it out all the time.

Eye Drops: My eyes get very red and itchy sometimes so I keep some Alcon Naphcon-A eye drops in my bag incase. This is just a travel size you can by at the drugstore. Even if you normally don’t have problems with your eyes I would have some eye drops just incase you get something in your eye.

Chapstick: I am keeping the Fresh Sugar Rose in a mini size in my bag. I am amazed at how moisturizing this is on my lips. It is perfect to prevent dry and cracked lips.

Lip Gloss: This is a most have in anyone’s bag, I lipgloss to keep your lips going great all day. I use Mary Kay’s Coral Rose. This is just such a pretty pink color with shimmer.

Concealer: I always keep a concealer in my bag because you never know if a imperfection might pop up during the day. I just have a Cover girl invisible concealer in fair.

Hand Sanitizer: Just thinking about everything I touch in a day makes me grab my hand sanitizer. I hate being sick so I use hand sanitizer every hour. I have BBW’s PocketBac in Smores.