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Hi Everyone, I recently bought my very first BB Cream. I didn’t know much about BB Creams so I wanted to get a drugstore one incase I didn’t like them. I knew that the Maybelline BB Cream was new and I have heard great things about it. My drugstore only had one left in my color (Light/Medium) so I grabbed it. I really like this product so I decided to do a review to share it all with you. Incase you don’t know what a BB Cream is it stands for Beauty Balm or Blemish Balm and it is suppose to multi-task as a primer, foundation, and sunblock.

Since this a drugstore product, the price varies depending on where you live but averages for $9. Maybelline claims that this product is an 8-1 product. It blurs imperfections, enhances, adjusts to skin-tone, hydrates, SPF 30 protects, and does not contain any oils or other heavy ingredients’.  I normally do not wear liquid foundations but I wear this because I can’t feel any oil on my skin, the color matches my skin perfectly, does not annoy my skin, and you can apply it with just your fingers. The main reason I like this product though is because it has SPF. I know this will sound terrible but I never put sunscreen on my face. I have very sensitive/oily skin and sunscreen is just too oily for my skin. By using a product with SPF I don’t have to worry about not protecting my face from the sun. I have found that the formula does not cover my blemishes however. I have to put concealer on underneath in order to cover my blemishes. This product is a lot like a tinted moisturizer so if you like tinted moisturizers like I do you will like this one. I know this was a quick review but I hope it gave you all some background into this product and inspires you to go out and buy your own.

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