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Hi Guys, because July is slowly coming to a close it is time again for another High End July Lovins. Lovins are my version of a favorites post and I split my high end products from my drugstore products. I posted my drugstore one a few days ago and you can view it here. Lets just jump right into it.

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer: I normally just wear powder foundation but on days when I need a little more coverage I use this tinted moisturizer. This is rather pricey but because I don’t use it everyday I only buy the travel size, which lasts a long time. It has SPF 20 in it as well to protect your face in the summer months.

Nars Laguna Illuminator: I received this in the Nars Sea of Love gift set I bought in the end of June and I love this product so much. I rub it over my face, arms, neck, everywhere. It gives me such a nice glow and sparkle. The only problem with this is that you have to make sure it is rubbed in well or it will streak.

Mac Mineralized Eye Shadow in Pink Split: I have a lot of pink eyeshadows that are like this exact color pink but I seem to get grabbing this one. I love how pigmented Mac eyeshadows are and my eyes just look so pretty in this color. I don’t think I will be wearing at much in the coming months since I only wear nudes to school but this is great for the summer months.

Nars Multiple in Orgasm: Nar’s Orgasm has been a cult favorite forever. I actually didn’t have orgasm in blush from until I received a mini multiple in a Nars gift set I bought last month. This is just such a perfect product to apply to your eyes, cheeks, lips, and body. It is very sheer and the color blends effortlessly. It has shimmer but it is not overwhelming like some products. A full size of this is pricey but it is worth every penny.

Sephora Daily Brush Cleaner: I am horrible about remembering to clean my brushes but last week I cleaned everyone one and I am including this product as a reminder to myself to do it more next month. I like the Sephora daily one since it is a spray, doesn’t get my brushes dripping wet, and disinfects. I have never tried the MAC one so I have no idea how they compare but I like this so I am keeping with it for now.