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Hey Everyone! I am super excited to do something brand new today. I have been thinking a lot about high end products and drugstore products. Some people think that high end products are always better then drugstore and some people think that drugstore products are better. I think that there are some products that the high-end brands to better and some that the drugstore brands do better. This idea leads me to my newest idea “High vs. Low Product off.” I am going to be picking a product anywhere from eyeshadow to bb creams and take a drugstore version and a high end version and list what I feel are the pros and cons of each. Then at the bottom there will be a poll where YOU all can vote which one you like better. Voting will last a week and at the end of the week I will edit the name of the post to reflect the winner of the product off. If there are any products you want me to do a High vs. Low Product off on just let me know. The first product in my “High vs. Low Product Off” is GLITTER EYELINER.

Too Faced Starry Eyed Glitter Liquid Eyeliner in Drunk Dial: Drunk Dial is a very pretty turquoise blue. The tube is full of fine glitters that match the base color. Most of the glitter is stuck on the walls of the tube and the eyeliner it self is very dry meaning that there is little liquid, just mostly glitter. The brush is very thin and about have of an inch long. A thin brush like this is great for getting perfect lines and not ending up all over your eyes. The eyeliner dried on my eyes quickly but some of the glitter would rub off when I rubbed by eye. To test how the product went on I took the eyeliner and started at one black mark and did one single swap to the other black mark. As you can see it only left a clump of glitter in about three places. In order to create a solid line you would need to go over the line many times.

NYX Candy Glitter Liner in Baby Pink: This eyeliner has a lot more liquid in it allowing it to be applied very easily. It takes much longer to dry though. The glitters are very fine and range from light pink to white. The brush is very thick, but the bristles bend very easily so when you apply the liner, the glitter gets everywhere. The liquid itself is a very pale pink. Then I did the black mark line test. The black line test showed that the glitter evenly applied and you would only need two or three coats to get the amount of glitter you are looking for.

So which one do you like best? Too Faced’s Starry Eyed Glitter Liquid Eyeliner or NYX’s Candy Glitter Liner? Cast your VOTE NOW!

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