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Hi Everyone! I recently have been looking at a lot of blogs that focus on nail designs. All of the bloggers who do nail designs do an AMAZING job and I just don’t know how they do it. They all have inspired me though to attempt my own nail designs. I could not think of any of my own so I just goggled photos and I tried to recreate them with what I had. I am amazed however how easy they were for me to create! I started with very simple designs that looked like they took forever to create. I decided to show you all how I did them and hopefully I will inspire you to try some of your own. The ideas for all of these are not mine and I have attached the link to all of the photos in order to give credit to the original designers. All of the instructions are my own since they were all pictures with no instructions attached. I will be posting them over the next few months. If you have a design you want me to recreate with instructions just let me know. The first design I will be creating is the Watermelon Nails.

(Photo taken by Sparlegirls Life)1. First all you need to do is paint your fingers any pink color you would like. I used Fuchsia Fanatic. Once you have painted as many coats as needed let your nails completely dry.

2. Once your nails are dry, take a Bright green nail polish (ones with long skinny brushes for nail designs work best) and paint the tips of your nails in the bright green. I am using Color Club’s Art Club Nail Art Lacquer in Sunrise. These Art Club Nail Art Lacquers are great for nail designs since they have a very thin brush. I have these in about 45 colors and glitters. You can purchase your own here.

3. When the green is dry, you are just about done. This last step is the hardest. Take a black nail polish or nail art pen (again I am using the Color Club ones in Black Hologram) and make very little dots on the still pink part of your nails. Make sure the dots are very light since nail polish will run if you are not careful.

That is it! How easy was that?. Now it is your turn! I want to see you all try this, post about it, and let me know below. Please comment, follow me, and like this post. You can contact me at any time by emailing me at sparklegirlslife@gmail.com or tweet me at @KatherineDalla2.