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Hey Everyone, It is that time of year again. The warm weather in July sends people running for the beach. Before you can hit the beach you need to stock up your beach bag. Here is what I bring with my to the beach and I would love to here what you all bring when you go to the beach.

First I will start off with telling all of you what my beach bag is. It is a Lilly Pulitzer bag which I got three summers ago so the no longer sell this print but they have a lot of really cute ones right now with sailboats and some with sea shells on their website. Mine is a mixture of blues and greens with sea shells. I love this bag and use it every time I go to the beach.

1. A Good Magazine: You can find magazines anywhere and I always need a great magazine for hours relaxing in the sun. The one pictured is Glamour’s July Issue. It has some great beauty types in the back and has a whole section on frozen treats for summer.

2. Sunglasses: You need a sturdy pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes while you are reading and scanning the beach. Mine are Michael Kors but you can find a wide range of sunglasses. I have black ones because I think they look the best on me but I love how colored look if you can pull them off.

3. Sand and Water Approved Flip-Flops: When at the beach you need a pair of rubber flip-flops that you don’t care about as much since long hours in the sand and water can wear flip-flops down. The ones pictured are Slim Havaianas in Ocean Green. I am also a huge fan of the Old Navy Classic Flip Flops which you can get in any color and they are very inexpensive unlike Havaianas (although Havaianas are SO comfy and I think they are worth it.)

4. Beach Fragrance: It is important to have a nice, light fragrance to refresh yourself with at the beach. I love my Victoria Secret Pink Aloha Body Mist. Victorias secret makes so many great scents which come in mini sizes perfect for travel!

5. Sunscreen: This is the most important thing to have in your beach bag. I’m sure none of you want skin cancer so in order to prevent it you should re-apply at least a 30SPF sunscreen every two hours. I use spray sunscreen because I find it easier to apply but any type and brand of sun screen works. Don’t forget to apply lip sunscreen to protect your lips from burning as well!

6. Hair Comb: After being at the beach your hair can get wet, sandy, salty, etc. so to keep it from being crazy I like to keep a brush or comb and a hair tie.

7. Dry Shampoo: I like to have dry shampoo in my bag so that I am able to refresh my hair all day. Hair can get pretty messed up when your sweating, its windy, and you have been in the ocean.

That is everything I am bringing to the beach. What are you bringing? Please comment, like, and follow me. You can contact me at any time by emailing me at sparklegirlslife@gmail.com.