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Hello Everyone, Today I wanted to share with you all my OPI Collection. I love nail polish and I have recently been growing my collection. I don’t have many OPI colors but I do have 8 that I really love. This is not to brag but more just show you the colors I have and I would love to see what colors you all have to give me so ideas for some new colors to check out.

First color is Cajun Shrimp. Cajun Shrimp is red with an orange tint. This color is in their permanent collection so you can find it where ever they sell OPI. This is like no other color I known and I tend to wear it a lot in the summer. Next is my newest OPI color, The Color of Minnie. This is a limited edition nail polish that is part of their Minnie Mouse Collection. I think the colors in the Minnie Mouse Collection are beautiful and fun. There is two pinks and two reds and some of them have heart shaped glitter. This has a hint of shine but nothing dramatic. Third is Party in My Cabana which is a warm rose pink. Again this is a great resort color that I wear often. Last in this picture is my second newest color, Pink Flamenco. I think this has to be my FAVORITE nail polish color. I tried it out at my salon the other day and I just fell in love with it. I had it on all week but I just took it off to paint my 4th of July tutorial. This is just a staple spring and summer color which looks ever better against tan summer skin.

First color in this photo is The Color to Watch which is a light purple gray color with blue shimmer. I wear this color all the time during the winter and I think I were it with my purple homecoming dress last year. Second is Show it and Glow It which is all glitter. The color of the glitter ranges from purple to green to blue to silver. This can be worn by itself but I mostly wear it on top of The Color to Watch. The one problem with this nail polish is because it is glitter it takes FOREVER to take off. Next is my Silver Shatter. In case you don’t know what shatter nail polish is, it is nail polish you paint over other nail polish and parts of it disappear leaving a silver shatter effect. Last is my first OPI nail polish and the one I use least. It is Venus Di Violet and it is a light purple almost white color. It is perfect for those days when you want polish but don’t want anything to dark or bright.

Thank you for reading and please comment below with your OPI Collections and colors you would recommend. Please also like and follow me. You can contact me anytime my emailing me at sparklegirlslife@gmail.com.