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Hello Everyone, I recently bought my first MAC Shadestick. I would like to point out that these are discontinued, but there are so many places to buy them that I thought it would be alright to do a review of them. I bought mine at a CCO but you can also search for them on ebay. I would also like to point out that MAC has thrown some of these into different collections so there is a good chance some of these will reappear. Anyways I have very mixed reviews about this product. I have worn it for the past few days trying to come up with my thoughts on them.

These retail for $16.50 but I only paid $12.25 at Cosmetic Company Outlet. Like I said these are discontinued but you can find new ones all over ebay and google. I am going to first talk about the product as a whole and then get into the color itself. Basically, a MAC Shadestick is an eye shadow stick that is supposed to be creamy enough to just rub onto your eyelids. Some people wear it buy it self while others use it as a base. Other companies make similar products like NYX’s Jumbo Eye pencils. When I first started to use it I had a lot of trouble getting the color to rub off onto my hand. It took a little bit to warm the eyeshadow up so keep that in mind when going to use one. I twisted it all the way to see how much product was included and I was surprised at how much they give you. I felt that the formula lived up to the creaminess it is known for however I have been having the worst time getting the color to transfer to my eyelids showing that there was limited color pay off. The color is very beautiful however. I would describe it as a peach champagne with loads of shimmer. I could see myself wearing this as a base and I would wear it by itself if the color would show some more on my eyes. A color like this would work on any skin tones and would like especially good on fair skinned people. I have been trying to use a lot of color so that it would show and in doing so I had to press so hard on my eyes that the next morning they were killing me. I could hardly open them because they were so sore from me pressing on them so hardly. I was very impressed with the staying power of them however. The swatch I did of them stayed on my hand through about 5 handwashes and took makeup remover to get it off. I also tested their smudging power on my hand and when I would rub on them a tiny amount of product would come off and they would not smudge at all. The shadow stayed in place perfectly. I have heard that they do not last more than 4 months before drying out but we will have to see. I look forward to trying these some more and buying more in the future. If you have any questions about this review or just want to chat you can contact me at any time by emailing sparklegirlslife@gmail.com.

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