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Hey Everyone, A few weeks ago I signed up for Frugal Beautiful’s Beauty Blogger Sample Swap Summer Edition. Frugal Beautiful is a beauty blog about how to be happy and debt free. The sample swap gave anyone who signed up a partner to trade beauty samples that they did not want. Partners were chosen by Frugal Beautiful and then we were suppose to exchange information with our partners and wait for our swaps to arrive. My partner was Kristen who owns the blog Glitter Gloss & Glaze. I loved doing this swap because not only did I loved to get new samples but I loved finding a new blog. Glitter Gloss & Glaze has a lot of great posts including a nail challenge every week where Kristen teaches you how to do a purple ombre design, fruit nails, among other designs. I have so much fun reading through the posts and I would diffanitly recommend checking out her blog. Now onto what she sent me!

The minute I saw the box in the mail I was so excited to rip it open. I have only tried one of these products before so we will start with that and move into the new stuff. First thing she sent me was a Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips in 320 Kitty Kitty. I love the Sally Hansen Salon Effects and I have a whole box of them. I have used this leopard print before and I am out of it so I am so glad she sent me this one. I have a thing for leopard print things. Next is a Garnier Fructis Color Shield Shampoo and Conditioner. This is a shampoo and conditioner designed to protect your color so that it stays nourished and vibrant. I color my hair so I am excited to try something that will protect the color I pay so much to have. Third in the box is a Show Stoppers Stop the peep show. I have never seen this before. It is double stick tape to keep your fashion fastened. It comes with 2 nude strips. I have used fashion tape before but haven’t found on I like so fingers crossed it is good and I can order some more. Forth is the Befine food skin care gentle cleanser with sugar, mint, oats, and rice. This is suppose to remove the impurities of daily stress to revealing radiant skin. I have been very stressed because I have been gone for a week, got home today, am leaving again in two days and I have to work 10 hours this weekend in-between. My skin has been horrible looking the last few days so I will be trying this tonight. Next is something totally different. It is The du Hammam or a green tea evoking green date pulp, orange bloom, rose, or berry. This says it can be served cold or hot and normally I don’t drink iced tea but since it is so hot I might make some with this. Sixth in my box of goodies is Self-Tanning towelettes by Comodynes Urban Cosmetics. I am horrible at applying self-tanner lotions so maybe I will be better at applying a towelette. I am going to FL in a few days so I can use this before I go to fake a tan until I can actually get one. This is suppose to give you a natural looking tan in 3 hours. Great for people who want to be tan but don’t want to risk skin care. Seventh, is a Zar shrink to fit hip & thigh cream. This is a cream that reduces the appearance of celluite. I have never seen a Hip & Thigh Cream before so I interested to see what this does to my skin. Next is a Lucy B Australian Wild Jasmine eau de parfum. This perfume smells like pineapple mixed with flowers to me. There is not much in the sample so I will only be able to use it a few times but I like how it smells. My very last thing is a Kellett Moisturizing Gel. I am always looking for a new moisturizer and gels are great for summer. I am going to try this after I use my acne treatment tonight and see how well it works.

Thanks soooo much for all of the samples Kristen! I hope you all enjoyed reading this and please comment, like, and follow me. You can contact me anytime by emailing sparklegirlslife@gmail.com.