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Hello Everyone, I have had a few China Glaze nail polishes for a long time and I recently started wearing them a lot and I was very impressed. The quality of the nail polishes is amazing. It takes one coat for the color to show, saving me a lot of time when painting my nails. Because I like them so much I wanted to buy some more but I did not want to pay $7 for one like they charge at places like Ulta. So I set off to find a cheaper place to find them. I was able to find a seller on Amazon.com that had them for a great deal. Each color is a different price with the cheapest being around $2.35 and the most expensive being around $3.99. They also carry Essie for about $4 and OPI for $5 (Good thing I didn’t see that they carried Essie and OPI till after I checked out). For those of you living in the states you know what a great deal that is for nail polish. The seller’s name on Amazon is QT Collection and I will link their storefront here. I ordered on a Sunday and received my package on Thursday so it took 4 business days, which is really quick. On to what I bought:


1. Fuchsia Fanatic 2. Love’s A Beach 3. Splish Splash 4. For Audrey

The first color is 1037 Fuchsia Fanatic. This almost looks like a raspberry color to me, but I love it. This came out in the Electropop collection and I really wanted to try it out. I am actually wearing this color right now. I bought this for $2.40 and paid $.88 for shipping. The second color is 1083 Love’s A Beach. This came out in their Summer Neon collection this year. It is just your typical neon pink and a bit of shimmer. Perfect color for summer since neon is a popular trend this summer. This one cost $2.90 and $1.07 shipping. The third color is 1088 Splish Splash. I love the name of this nail polish. The color is a deep ocean blue with a hint of shimmer. I paid $3.25 and $1.20 for shipping for this nail polish. The last nail polish is 77053 For Audrey. This color has been talked about a lot because of it’s beautiful Tiffany blue color. I bought this for $2.25 and shipping was $.83. The grand total was $14.78, the price of just two in a normal store. It was defiantly a great deal and I would recommend checking out this seller and getting some nail polish.

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