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Hello Everyone, I hope you all are having a nice day. Today I have a review of Benefit’s Finding Mr. Bright. This is a 4-piece kit of some of Benefit’s different brightening products. They are all sample sizes so this is great if you want to be able to try out so different products without having to buy a full size. Benefit has a lot of different sets like this and I have done a review about their skincare one in the past. Lets get started!


Price: $28

Where to Buy: Sephora, Sephora.com, Benefit.com, Ulta, Ulta.com 

  1. Girl Meets Pearl: Girl Meets Pearl is a liquid luminizer for your face. A full size costs $30 and is .4 fl oz. The sample that comes in this kit is .25 fl oz. This is supposed to give you a luxurious glow. Benefit says that you can wear it alone or over makeup. I tried it both ways and I did not notice a difference alone and over makeup I could see a faint glow but nothing dramatic. I tried the color on my hand and I loved it so I was really hoping it would have the same effect on my face but unfortunately it did not. I can’t see myself going out and buying a full sized just because I could not tell a difference with it on or off.
  2. Posie Tint: Posie Tint is a poppy pink cheek and lip tint. A full sized costs $29.00 and is .42 fl oz. The kit size is .13 fl oz. I really like the color of this product; it reminds me of roses. I have tried it on both my lips and cheeks. Benefit recommends 3 small strokes on the cheeks and I needed about 5 to get the right color. I was very impressed with how it looked on my cheeks. It was easy to blend in and made my cheeks glow. I also really liked how it turned out on my lips. It brought out the natural pink in my lips but I did need a lipgloss on top since alone it was a bit plain. I found that the color held for about 5 hours before starting to fade. I will most likely be buying this in full size soon.
  3. High Beam: High Beam is a pink liquid highlighter. Benefit suggests using it on your cheekbones, brow bones, and bridge of your nose to spotlight them. I found that it added a nice glow and shine. A full size costs $26 and it is .45 fl oz. The sample is .08 fl oz. I was very impressed at how well it highlighted my cheekbones. I have added this product to my makeup wishlist and I can’t wait to purchase the full size in the future.
  4. Erase Paste: Erase Paste is a concealer that brightens and camouflages at the same time. A full size of this .15 oz fl and will cost you $26. This product comes in three different colors. The color in the set is medium. I knew that this would not work for me because I have gotten one in a gift set in the past. Medium is way too dark for me since I have very fair skin. However, even though I cannot wear it I can still review it. The formula is very creamy. It does a wonderful job concealing any imperfection. The same may be same but a little goes a very long way. I think it almost has a coral undertone to it, but the website calls it a melon undertone. I will be buying this concealer when I need a new one.

Thank you so much for reading. Please comment and tell me if you have tried these and what you think about them.