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Good Afternoon Everyone, Yesterday I went to Bath and Body works for my 2nd round of Semi-Annual Sale Shopping. I have five major bath and body works around me so during the sales I visit normally two or three of them. To see my first sale haul you can click here. I didn’t buy half as much stuff as I did the first time but I did manage to get some good deals including a holiday 3-wick candle for $.97


  1. Shea Infused Socks: Regular Price is $7.50 and Sale is $3.75 so it was 50% off. For those of you who saw my first haul you will know I already bought these in the same print. I actually bought this pair for my best friend since she loves these shea infused socks. The only problem I have found with these is that they shed much more then bath and body works socks normally do.
  2. Cucumber Melon Gentle Foaming Hand Soap: Regular Price is $5 and Sale is $3 so it was about half off. I had never smelled cucumber melon before and I was very surprised that I liked it. Because it is just back for the sale and they may never have it again I decided to buy lots in the scent. It is such a refreshing scent that I thought it would be a good kitchen soap.
  3. Cucumber Melon Body Lotion: Regular Price is $10.50 and Sale is $3.00 so it was about 75% off. Like I said before I just tried cucumber melon today and fell in love with it so I just stocked up.
  4. Cucumber Melon Shower Gel: Regular Price is $10.50 and Sale is $3.00 so it was about 75% off. Haha it is another cucumber melon product, enough said.
  5. Sweet Pea Shower Gel: $11 and Sale is $4 so it was about 75% off. I actually already have one of these but it is about half empty so I wanted to stock up. I mentioned in my last haul video that they were changing the formula of the shower gels so they were selling them for $4. It is a great time to stock up if you like BBW shower gels.
  6. Deck the Halls 3-wick Candle: Regular Price is $20 and Sale is $.97. I was looking for some of the Holiday Candles and I found some with a 75% sign next to them so when I went to check out I was expecting $5 but instead it rang up at $.97. I was going crazy and so were the rest of the BBW staff. Less then a dollar for the 3-wick candles was a great deal. The staff was all running to grab as many as they could. Anyways I would go see if your bath and body works had holiday candles left and see how much they ring up as. You never know if you will get a great deal.

I hope you all enjoyed the second half of my haul. Please share with me your hauls; I would love to see them all. If you liked my post please like it, comment, and follow my blog.