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Hello Everyone, Today I am going to show you 7 products that were limited edition and I wish they would bring back. It may be the color that I miss or the product it self.

1. Bath and Body Works Twisted Peppermint Lip gloss: This is something that the have at the Holiday time and my fingers are crossed that they will be bringing it back this year. It is just a clear lipgloss with silver glitter in it. It has a very strong peppermint taste which is why I love it so much. It is a bit sticky however so if you dislike sticky lipglosses you might not like this one.

2. MAC Dazzleglass in Like Venus: I got this dazzleglass in one of those snow globes from the Holiday 2011 Collection along with 3 others and this is by far my favorite. I use it mostly when I go out and I just put a little bit on my lower lip in the center. The women at the MAC counter taught me a really nice why of applying and layer lipglosses so that your lips aren’t covered in glitter. If you want to see what she taught me let me know and I will do a post about it. As far as color goes it is a light pink with a crazy amount of pink and silver glitters. Sometimes MAC will but colors from one collection into a new collection so my fingers are crossed that I will see this again in a future collection.

3. MAC Lipstick in I Love Winter: I love winter is a cremesheen and is a nude lip color. When applied it keeps my lips natural color but adds a pretty shine on top. I got this in a kit from the Holiday 2011 collection along with a lip liner and lip gloss. After the holidays I tried to find the kit again just for the lipgloss but they were sold out everywhere so I hope I can find this again one day.

4. Maybelline Eyestudio Quad in Ravishing Rose: They still carry these quads but Ravishing Rose was a limited edition color and I have just about hit pan on the first two colors. My friends and I all used this pallet with our Homecoming Dresses this year and fell in love with it. The first color is a white mixed with a touch of pink with shimmer and the second is a tulip pink with a hint of shimmer. The other two are more of a purple or maroon color. When I run out of this I will be so bad so if anyone knows where to get it let me know.

5. MAC Lipgloss in Splashing: Yes another MAC Lipgloss. This pink with shimmer came out in the To the Beach collection on May 27th, 2010 so I have had this color for a long time. I believe this was the first mac lipgloss I ever got and I really will miss it when I run out. On of my favorite parts is the packaging. For those of you who remember the To the Beach collection will know just how pretty the orange with the seahorses and starfish were. I love the beach so anything beach related makes me go crazy.

6. Pink Aloha Wild & Breezy Body Mist: Pink released their Aloha line in 2011 with three different scents. I liked all three of them but my absolute favorite scent was wild & Breezy. To me it smells like a coconut and the ocean mixed. It is different from anything else I have ever smelled but I could not have picked a better scent for the summer time. I have about 1/3 so I will most likely finish it off by the end of the summer. I also like how small it is so it travels well. If you can find this on Ebay I would defiantly buy it.

7. Bath and Body Works Cooling Mist in Sweet Pea: I bought this at the BBW SAS Summer 2010 thinking that they would be bring it back the following summer and they didn’t. This is my single most favorite product bath and body works as ever sold. It comes in a spray can and you spray the scent on to your face, body, wherever you want and it releases a cold mist. I have had it for two years and it still comes out cold. I have no idea how they make it but I would do anything to have some more of them. I have just a little left and I am holding on to it since I can’t bring myself to finish it off. Well there are my favorite 7 limited edition items I wish they would bring back. Comment below with what you want to see brought back. As always please comment, like, and follow me. Thank you everyone!