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I have been looking at the Benefit Skincare line since it came out a year ago and I finally bought the trio trial size set to try out 3 of the 8 products in their skincare line.


First of all you can buy this at Ulta and I know Sephora was selling this but I do think they are still selling it. It costs $12 and comes with a trial size of their Refined Finish Facial Polish, Total Moisture Facial Cream, and Triple Performing Facial Emulsion. All of the products come in a nice little plastic bag you can reuse. They claim that this is a limited edition product but I have seen it around for a year now so I am not sure how long they will be selling this so if you are interested I would act soon.

The first product it comes with is the Refined Finish Facial Polish. The trail size is 0.3 fl oz and a full size 4.5 fl oz and costs $22. Benefit claims that this product brightens your complexion, gently exfoliates to purify the skin and helps to minimize the appearance of pores. You are suppose to apply to face after cleansing and then rinse with water 1 to 2 times a week. I used it twice this week and I only have enough product for about 1 more use and that was with me using about a quarter sized about of product each time. When I squeezed it out, it reminded me of melted marshmallows with little beads inside. I overall did not notice much of a difference in my skins complexion or a minimized appearance of pores so I do not think I will buy the full size of this. However, if you have tried this and noticed a difference please let me know.

Moving on to the second product which is the Total Moisture Facial Cream. Their claim with this is that it will provide concentrated immediate and long term hydration. The sample size is 0.1 fl oz and the full size is 1.7 fl oz and costs $38 which I think is a bit high for a everyday facial cream. First off, I loved how this smelled. I have tried some face products in the past with just awful smells and why in the world would you want to put something on your nose and face that smells bad. When I applied this I noticed my skin felt very soft right away however it did leave my face looking a bit shiny which happens normally when something has a bit too much oil in it. I used this three times last week and have enough left for 1 use so it gives you about 4 uses. I could see myself buying this in full size however like I said earlier I would only use this once in awhile because it is a bit pricey for something I would use everyday.

The third product is the Triple Performing Facial Emulsion. The product that comes in this set is 0.3 fl oz and the full size is 1.7 fl oz and costs $28. Benefit claims that this product hydrates, protects, and comforts the skin with an oil-free lightweight formula. Something also to mention with this is that it has SPF 15 which is great for the summer time. Again, I think this product smells good but the smell isn’t so strong that it lasts on your skin all day. I found that there was enough product for about 3 uses. I do not like how Benefit packages this product because in order to get product to come out you have to turn it upside down and its very hard to get the proper about. None of it will come out then all of a sudden half of the bottle is pouring out. This lotion is less concentrated then the other lotion and it is much creamer. Of all three of the products I will most likely buy this in full size.

I hope you all enjoyed my review of this set. Please comment, share with friends, follow me, and request different reviews or posts.