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Hello Everyone,

I have a complete obsession with Bath and Body Works. I have been collecting bbw products now for 4 years so I have grown quite the collection. I am going to be posting about my collection tomorrow with photos and my thoughts on different scents and products but I wanted to share some information with you all about how to grow your own collection. I’m sure that anyone of you that has walked through a Bath and Body works store during a normal day would say that their products are a bit pricey and I would totally agree. That is why I stock up at their SEMI-AUNNUAL SALES! The summer sale for 2012 starts June 13th. I will be standing at the door of my favorite bath and body works when they open at  10 o’clock. Their sales are amazing. You walk into the store and find tables of bins just stacked with products up to 75% off. For example you can get a $12 body lotion for $4. You save so much money and I normally go crazy when I go. Another great deal that they offer is $10 dollars off a purchase of $40 or more so you can get $40 worth of sale products for $30. In order to get that discount you have to sign up for their email updates on their website. I really hope you all take advantage of these great deals! As always make sure to follow me, comment, and share with your friends.