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When I went shopping last week it seemed like every store was selling white tanks. White tanks seem to be very in right now. So I finally bought one that I am in LOVE with at Hollister (Photo Below).


It was a very basic tank with a layer of lace in the front and a small bow on the left shoulder. So once I bought the tank I had to try to find things to wear with it. You can always wear jeans with something but with a tank so special it deserved some cute clothes to complement it. With this idea in mind, I went to Target. Now I think Target is an amazing store but I rarely buy clothing there. However, they seem to have really amazing clothes for summer. The first thing I went to was a pair of hot pink denim capris that came with a brown woven belt. Colored denim is perfect with a white tank because it gives the simple top a large pop. I did not end up buying those capris because I could not find my size but I did buy a pair of their hot pink denim shorts and bright blue denim shorts that came with a neon green belt. I don’t think I will wear the belt with it, but it is worth keeping for another outfit. The last thing I bought for my white tank was a raspberry boyfriend cardigan. I am not allowed to wear tanks to school so with this cardigan I can wear it during the school year as well and you can’t go wrong with having a cardigan in your wardrobe.

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